Halloween is always about fun and going wild and nothing is better in that day than the coveted Halloween contact lenses. With these lenses you can go full crazy and when it is time for Halloween and you know for a fact that is what Halloween is all about. In fact it is the only time of the year when you can enjoy to the fullest with your friends and family. 

So when it comes to Halloween the best costume item you can get yourself is the special effect Halloween eye contacts. You can bring your Halloween costume to life with the Halloween contact lenses and after that nothing will be the same. The appearance with contact lenses for Halloween is quite amazing and the effects look so real its terrifying. 

But before you get all drowned in the excitement of getting the Halloween contact lenses, there are certain things that you should be aware of. Halloween contact lenses are probably the best Halloween accessory of late, but you should know that as you are wearing them on your eyes, they are regarded as medical devices. And because of that you are required to be a little cautious and follow the instructions of that are mentioned by your doctor or mentioned on the packaging of the coloured lenses. That’s right, you need to get a prescription from your doctor or at least the right advice as to what type of lenses would suit you best. That is the first way of ensuring safety when you use your favourite Halloween contact lenses.  

In order to keep your Halloween all fun and games you must always stay on the safe side.

Because of that we are going to discuss everything that you must DO with your Halloween contact lense and what you MUST NOT DO. Follow below

Important DOs:

So we should first begin with what you should Do in order to maintain the safety  that comes with using coloured & Halloween contact lenses. 

  • First make sure you do find a respectable online or physical store that has a reputation of selling high quality products
  • The second job for you is to decide on the Halloween contact lenses that would blend in with your makeup, costume and the style you want for yourself and what would complement your Halloween costume in the best way possible. You see, there are a lot of Halloween lenses that can work with a single Halloween costume.
  • Always do your makeup with the makeup kit that is designed to be used with Halloween contact lenses. This will ensure that nothing sticks on your lenses. 
  • When the time comes to wear the lenses, wash your hands properly with warm water. Hygiene is very important 
  • If you are new, then learn how to insert the lenses in your eyes. 
  • Once you have inserted the lenses, let them settle by blinking and moving your eyes.
  • Remember to always insert your Halloween contact lenses before applying makeup and washing your makeup, that is the rule of the thumb.
  • Even though you have the right makeup kit it is still important to keep your lenses away from every sort of cosmetic product. Whether they are eye liner, eye shadow or primer. While your lenses are in the case, keep it in a cool and dry place that is away from other products.
  • If you feel pain while wearing lenses, take them off. After that you must consult with your doctor. 

Important DONTs

So, below are the mentioned Donts of Halloween contact lenses. Make sure you also keep them in mind.

  • Your Halloween contact lenses come with a disinfectant solution that is made for cleaning those lenses, it is important that you stick with the solution that came with the contact lenses. Refrain from using any home-made solutions or water to clean your contact lenses this is akin to damaging your contact lenses and consequently hurting your eyes. 
  • Sharing of your Halloween contact lenses, or any other lenses for that matter, is not allowed. You must not in any case share your Halloween eye contacts, no matter how cool they look even with your friends and family. Sharing of contact lenses can cause eye infections and transmit serious eye diseases. 
  • Halloween contact lenses are like any other contact lenses and thus they also have an expiry on them. Depending what type, you buy, the daily or weekly disposable, your lenses will expire after single use or after a week. Once they expire you must not use them again. Throw them away and get a new pair if you have to.
  • More importantly, contact lenses are not designed to be worn while sleeping unless they are extended lenses. That means your Halloween contact lenses should be taken off immediately after the party, or when you get home. Do not sleep away without taking them off. 
  • In case, if by mistake, you forget to take off your Halloween contact lenses or coloured contact lenses before sleeping, do not get worried. And more importantly do not take them off right away. You must re-wet your eyes and then take them off.
  • Never buy your Halloween or coloured contact lenses from flea markets or beauty salons. Also stay away from shady dealers and retail stores. Most of them are selling these products around the Halloween period so that they can profit from the increase in demand, but most are selling very low quality products. These low quality products are either recycled or damaged that can really hurt your eyes, such products are not supposed to be near your eyes.

These are some of the important DOs and DONTs of Halloween contact lenses. It is crucially important that you follow these rules if you want to have a safe Halloween. It is always better to be safer than being sorry. Halloween is about having fun buy you have to make sure that you do not do something that is unhealthy for you.