Were You Wondering How to Illustrate a Children’s Book? Here’s the Info

children book illustrator

I have met a great numbers of artists in my life. Many of them were engaged in creating arts, images, graphics, and illustrations for storybooks, especially that we find in kids’ books. No doubt, it is a tough job for a kids’ book illustrator as he has to put an immense amount of energy into creating illustrators that could garner the energy of the children. 

I met that guy who conveyed me his story that how he jumped in the world of the children’s books illustration. At that time, he was working as a team leader of the graphic designers dedicated to illustrating a whole bunch of client projects. He also told me that earlier, it was easy to get such a job but not anymore. 

Nowadays, the children book illustration jobs are drying up in the market due to two primary reasons – increasing competition and the digitalizing of study material. The illustrators of today, need to be equipped with the latest techniques of today graphic designing world while having strong connections in the publishing industry. 

He later discussed with me a recent project his firm got. He stated that as a not-to-miss opportunity. Actually, it was an order they received from one of the biggest publishing houses in the United States. The publishing house had a project at the time on a book called Oh Cats! The first edition of the book had a record-breaking success. 

And I had to admit that I was really excited that I was going to be a very significant part of the world’s one of the best selling children’s books, not to mention that it is my personal favorite genre as well. So the initial days went by and most of the time that I spent was actually analyzing the most-loved parts of the old, actual book. Later I found that it was full of inspiration. I still thank the illustrator that created it right from scratch. 

Usually, it is believed that creativity and inspiration come from within and the artist or the illustrator should have a natural gift for it. But trust me, it is never the case. If we don’t lean towards the outer world’s sources for inspiration and creativity, our own imagination power starts to fade and diminish gradually. Other illustrator’s work and documentaries are some of the best sources of inspiration. 

He further said that the world of today’s jobs, not just a designer’s but any you can pick is changing and being upgraded every day with the speed of light. You either keep up or go backward in the queue. He said that he left no stones unturned to mix analog and digital counterparts. Be it any designing software or hardware, he always had the best and latest. 

Illustrators are usually different than graphic designers. They use their hands more than they use digital tools. And that’s when the need for absolute creativity, imagination, and newness emerges. Because, as an illustrator, you imagine and create a character and blow life in the same. 

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