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IPTV abbreviates for ‘Internet Protocol Television’. IPTV explains as multimedia services like video/audio/television/graphics/text/data transfer over internet protocol which is based on networks to manage and facilitate the demanding amount of quality services and experience, interactivity, reliability, experience and security. One of the benefit of IPTVis its capacity to achieveeffortlessly integrated along with other IP-based services like VOIP or high-speed internet. It utilizes the existing computer network. So,without cables and is without any worry. It allocates live or prerecorded TV and video/audio under the pre-existing network. You can watch your favorite IPTV channel via live broadcasting or recorded.

IPTV has approached its maximum famous. We can get all the causes behind the screen as benefits of IPTV. The persons who provide IPTV services will continuously extends to achievegood reputationbecause of its flexibility and influences provides more advantages to the customers as compared to the conventional and standard television sets which are limited to watch just television. Everybody who owns a computer and a broadband Internet connection can watch his favorite IPTV channel, but many of us do not like to watch television on a simple and rough laptop screen. This is the reason, future of IPTV is likely to convince the viewers to buying set-top boxes which is sometimes called STBs which gets input from your Internet connection either through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, decode the signal, and show a picture on your high-definition, large screen TV. 

Classification of IPTV:

Two watch your favorite channel on IPTV, Classification of IPTV consists of two types either live broadcasting or recorded. These two types are as:

Live Television:

Live streaming defines broadcasting as it is on air that time. It is similarly to watch live television on the system’s screen. In this type of format, we can’t stop or pass over through the broadcast that we do not like. We are bound to watch that program.

Recorded video:

This is like to the playlist. In this type videos, clips or episodes are managed by titles or in categories such as news, sports or music videos. You can watch your favorite IPTV channel at any time and for any punch of video.

Advantages of IPTV:

IPTV is gettingfamevery rapidly and is reducing the common mode of television services. Now we enlist some major reasons why people are adopting IPTV for watching their favorite channels.

·         Out of many advantagesof IPTV is its ability to obtain easily integrated which is based on other IP-basedservices like VOIP or high-speed internet.

·         It transmits live or prerecorded TV and video/audio under the pre-existing network.

·         Content exists in the network and only that content will be delivered to the customer which he chooses to Watch his favorite IPTV channel. The customer has a greater choice.

·         It’s a two-sided communication where the customer will be able to communicate with the service facilitator. Such as, a customer can demand of watching a movie from the TV guide and the service isprovided to him. This service is called movie rental. Hence, you can watch your favorite IPTV channel. This features make IPTV more expensive, strong and extended.

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