Unhealthy Lifestyle Affecting Oral Health

Lifestyle is the term which describes the art of living. A healthy lifestyle is turning our life into a heaven while the unhealthy one is making the life a hell. Bad sleeping patterns and food habits are obviously creating health issues in our body. Coronary diseases, Lung cancer and other health problems have increased due to lifestyle change. Now a question arises if unhealthy lifestyle affects oral health too. Then the answer is yes! It is making worse impact on the oral health.  You cannot rely on cleaning your teeth when your lifestyle is unhealthy. 

Junk food, Alcoholism and physical exercises are the personal habits of our lifestyle. Making changes or improving these habits can help you in diminishing the risk of dental problems. In this article, we will discuss about the bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Read this article completely and take a strong note on the lifestyle patterns affecting your oral health.

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Junk Food

Junk food has created a negative impact on health. People perfect Junk food not only for taste but also for saving their time. They want quick snacks for munching rather than having a proper meal. Junk Food contains a high quantity of Fats and carbohydrates with less nutritional value. It affects the general health as well as oral health. The risk of cavities and other dentals problems increased to its peak if the food is taken on regular basis. Also due to least nutritional value, this food is relating to heart problems and obesity. In this way, you will harm your teeth. 

Brushing habits

Brushing your teeth daily is a necessary task. But some of us do not brush our teeth properly or regularly. This habit may lead to dental problems like cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, Oral infections and other issues. Brush your teeth twice a day and clean tongue properly to avoid such kind of oral problems.  Also make sure to rinse your teeth properly after having meal. Otherwise you will get candiasis, hairy tongue, Plaque and other dental problems in result.

Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

Smoking and any other kind of tobacco is harmful for oral health. It leaves stain on your teeth, leads to bad breath and affects taste sensation. People usually prefer Flavored Hookah over other tobacco products. But it is also affecting your oral health in worse manner. However these are considered as better option than Cigarette, cigar or chewing tobacco. But regular use of Hookah or Vamping pen is also affecting your oral health.


Gum diseases are increasing rapidly in adults and teenagers. The reason behind this issue is regular Smoking and use of tobacco. It can lead to cancer, lung diseases and tooth decay.

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Alcohol Intake is not only harmful for general health but also for your teeth. It causes dryness of mouth and staining of teeth. The drinkers have high tendency of catching plaque and other dental problems. Tooth loss is also a common issue with the drinkers. 

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are rich in sugar and responsible for many dentals problems. The high sugar foods including pastries, Doughnuts, cakes and more are responsible for cavities in teeth. Too much consumption of Soda and other sugar foods will lead to the oral cavities, tooth erosions and bleeding gums. Also these kinds of food and drinks increase bad bacteria in mouth which affects oral health. 

Nail Biting

Nail biting is one of the bad habits which one should stop immediately. It increases the intake of bacteria and germs into the body. Also the nails become so tough that they harm your gums. In Many cases, people get fracture in the enamel and other problems in their mouth. The nail biting can affect the oral health in many ways. Patients have also witnessed the shift of their teeth while chewing on their teeth. 

nail biting.jpg


Stress has many harmful effects on the overall well being of a person. But you must also know that stress harms the oral health just like general health. People usually forget about important activities under stress.  In the effect of Stress, people neglect oral hygiene and their daily tasks. Missing dental appointments, brushing teeth, smoking and adopting many bad habits are not good for oral health. 

Stress makes you to adopt the habits not supportive for your health. Some of the oral health issues increasing by stress are-

Teeth grinding- Stress develops many habits in a person affecting their body. A person in stress starts grinding teeth in sleep. It can affect the teeth surfaces. Regular grinding can lead to fracture or even become more painful for the person.

Xerostomia or dry mouth- Dry mouth damages teeth in very bad manner. The saliva is necessary for your mouth. It cleans up the food and neutralizes acid produced by plaque. Stress may lead to dry mouth and can affect.

Insomnia: It is the common problem during the stress. It affects the functioning of brain and the restlessness leads to many difficulties in daily routine. 

TMD is responsible for affecting jaw joints and muscles. It will be painful for the person suffering from TMD. Bruxism is factor increasing TMD cases.


Unhealthy lifestyle is having a bad impact on oversell as well as oral health. Stress and many factors are responsible for ignoring oral hygiene. It makes the cases worse. If you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy then it is high time to adopt healthy lifestyle. Leaving bad habits is not easy at all but you can try to reduce such problems from your life. Eat healthy, Do physical exercises on regular basis and brush your teeth twice a day.

For better treatment, you can schedule your appointments with dentist. Keep your teeth clean and talk to your dentist about the best solutions for your dental problems. Sleep properly and perform Yoga daily. It will surely reduce the stress from your life. And your healthy lifestyle will surely have good impact on your oral health. 

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