Stunning Jewelry Pieces No One Should Miss in 2020

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So, have you been looking for a stunning piece of jewelry to make everyone awestruck during this time of year? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we will shed light on the most adorable ones that recently hit the market in 2020. Whether you want to buy silver anklets online or any other piece, this guide will surely help. 

1. Decorate Your Ear

I know the word decorate sounds like a bit odd when it comes to the men’s fashion. But we are forgetting here that our ancestors have been wearing those earrings for a long time. It was not only a part of the tradition, it was also a way to gain respect in the society. Hoop earrings for men are now back in trend once again. They are luscious and trendy without a doubt. Nowadays, those earrings come in basically two types of colored stones which are – red artificial stone and the white shining CZ stones. When you wear them, you will just stand out every other man at the party. So make sure you do not miss it. 

2. A Beauty to Your Neck

Did you miss the news about the CZ necklace sets being the new reasons for a woman’s happiness? If yes, then these sets are your next go-to-jewelry pieces for the valentine that’s going to embark very soon. The CZ in those necklace sets come in different colors and they shine like bright stars in the night as soon as the rays of light pass through them. These are trendy and royal at the same time. And the best thing about them, you don’t have to spend a lot of them as they are way too much cheaper than gold jewelry. And hence, you can own a few of them in your wardrobe. 

3. Traditional But Elegant

A distinct piece of jewelry always attracts the attention of the nearby people when you are just sipping the apple juice from a lovely glass. Rajasthani Lahariya Jewelry is the one I am talking about here. In my entire career, I have seen no woman that could have developed a resistance for the Rajasthani Lahariya jewelry. Top online jewelry shops in India are now offering Lahariya jewelry adorned with different sheds of each color and enamel at affordable prices. Just go ahead and grab one while it is in the sale. 

4. Jewelry Inspired by Regional Touch

A jewelry piece that includes a touch of a certain region of India will always be the center of attraction in any party or social gathering. Why? Because people around you will notice them and will undoubtedly ask questions about it. And they will shower you with admirations because these are usually rare to find. Gwalior collection is one of my favorites in the same. It makes you feel like a princess as soon as you adorn it. 

Now when you visit a store or are exploring an online jewelry shop, never forget to grab a few pieces of this trendy jewelry. These will not only make you look attractive but will stay in your collection for a long time. 

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