Looking for Budget-Friendly Cakes? Here are Birthday Cakes @349/Only

Birthdays have always been special for everyone from the old age group to the little ones. This day is fused with the memories of the whole year and of course the coming year too. Be it about the birthday party or delicious food and beautiful birthday gifts, everything about this one-day event are very special. In this list how can anyone forget about the yummy and delicious birthday cakes! Cakes have become an indispensable part of every celebration and fused with cream, moist bread and of course so many flavors, they have left no stone unturned in making the birthday special.

Whenever you take the walk down the memory lane or turn the pages of the album, you came across those memories of your born day when you were surrounded by family members and friends. Every birthday is loaded with the same memories for everyone. So, make the coming birthday of your near and dear ones special with a tasty and mouth-watering cake. You can get as many varieties of delicious cakes for birthday available in different flavours and patterns. But if you are also heading towards the birthday of your loved ones and looking for a cake that can fit in your budget, then here are some budget-friendly cake options that can take the celebration to a whole new level. So, scroll down the list and make choices from given options:

Pineapple Cake

This cake is fused with the amazing taste of tangy pineapple fused with vanilla cream that will surely win the heart of the birthday boy or girl on the event of the birthday celebration. You can also customize the cake as per your choice and the wants to make the cake best for the celebration.

Mango Cake

A cake fused with the fluffy whipped mango cream, juicy and flavorful mangoes on the top, intensely flavorful secret sauce, layers of moist sponge bread fused with fresh cream; is the one that is sure to impress. So, grab this one and surprise the birthday person with mango delight.

Vanilla Cake

With its outstandingly delicious vanilla flavor, soft crumbs on the top and between the layers, and fresh whipped creamy vanilla butter cream, every bite of vanilla cake is like heaven. On the coming birthday, make this scrumptious moist and fluffy vanilla cake your companion.

Jar Cake

Jar cake is one of the amazing outcomes that give the taste of cakes in a compact manner. You can pick whatever flavor you want. Be it a red velvet cake or a chocolate one, every flavor tastes amazing when fused in every layer of the jar cake. Here, you will get many layers of bread, and each layer is fused with the goodness of cream that makes this cake even more delicious.

Chocolate Cake

A simple chocolate cake that is the perfect balance of fluffy and fudgy will makes the party and the guest happier and will also that the celebration to a whole new level as there is no one who will not like the flavorful and delicious cake rich with the goodness of chocolate cream and chocolate sauce.

Butterscotch Cake

For the ice cream lovers who loves butterscotch flavor, a cake that is fused with the fresh whipped butterscotch cream and flavorful sauces paired with the layers of moist bread and butterscotch cream will be a treat for their taste buds.


Have you ever wish someone on their birthday with a hand full of cute, little, and adorable cupcakes? If not, then on this birthday of your loved ones, feel the experience and take flavorful cupcakes as your companion on the coming birthday.


Birthdays are always meant to be celebrated with family members and friends. On the upcoming birthday of your dear one, the above-mentioned cakes will be the best option to go with for gingering the birthday celebration. After all these suggestions, your mind must be struck with a thought that where to get these cakes of good quality! If yes, then GiftaLove.com is the best site to drool over for the best experience of ordering cakes online. They have an enticing range of cakes perfect for every occasion and that too at a reasonable price range. So, log in to the website and avail their online cake delivery services now.

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