Is Your Next Illustration Project a Children Book? Then You Must Check This Out

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So let’s start this blog with a challenge. Well, don’t worry, the challenge is neither for you nor me! It’s just a story of a challenge I received from our CEO almost 5 years ago. I was working as a senior HR manager at that time of my life and the head of our company assigned me to find a real know-how illustrator who has an upper hand in designing illustrations for children’s storybooks. So I began my search for an illustrator for hire

Even though the group for children book designers has a very less number of individuals. The amount of competition there is larger than a mountain. I noticed that when I rolled out a vacancy, a massive amount of candidates applied for the post. Only then I realized how big the world is out there and it is going a very tough task for me to hire the perfect suitable one. 

Since I had no previous experience in interviewing an illustrator for children’s books, I asked one of my illustrator friends living abroad to help me out here. I called him and asked him what qualities should I look for in an illustrator and how would I decide if I should hire him or not. He was happy to help and gave me some valuable tips on the same. I am going to share them here with you: 

1. Persistence 

Perseverance and persistent are the two of the most prominent of the qualities in a graphic designer for any project be it a children’s book or corporate brand design. If you are just stepping your right foot in the world of graphic design, remember to keep going regardless of the criticism and mocking you receive. 

2. Find Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration can be found in a pile of stones put randomly. Issac Newton found it in an apple falling from a tree on the ground. And Ramanujam found it in the speed of the chapati making of his mother. An illustrator should not overlook any object, art, or thing which can later become a source of inspiration for him. 

3. Think Less

I don’t know if it is because of perfection or getting out the best masterpiece one can, sometimes illustrators waste a lot of time in sheer thinking. They think and think too much that in reality, they achieve so less. One great artist once said that one needs to allow freedom to his wings so that they can fly in the direction they want. 

4. What Excites You?

Once a great person said that make your hobby your profession and never be bored in your entire life. This statement applies to an illustrator’s job as it is. It is said that a designer should only design the stuff that excites him. It will eventually make him get drowned in the art and swim deeper and deeper. 

In a nutshell, keep in mind that the path of an illustrator is not an easy one. You will get prying, judging, and mocking eyes everywhere you go. You won’t be able to please each and every one of your customers. All you have to do is to please just one set of your customers and that is – little kids. 

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