How Recent Trends Have Made An Impact In The Home Improvement Industry

You may have your own home. Or you may stay in a rented home. But the fact is that now and then, space will need repairs. There is a special category called as home improvement, where tips and guidelines are given to improve the ambiance of your dwelling. In this article, let us focus on how recent trends have made an impact in the home improvement industry.

1. DIY Projects

Just look around yourself. In reality, going by the survey, the home improvement projects came to about seven percent in India last year. And very few of them needed the services of a professional.

There were times when to buy a single home appliance, you may have to extend the wires or switch items to make way for the new model. Not any more. With smart homes becoming the order of the day, these devices can be easily controlled by your voice or a text message.

2. Social Media Promotions

Video sharing and viewing are the order of the day. It is no wonder that many home renovation projects are done only because of the sharing of new ideas via videos. With Pinterest images gaining popularity, and banks offering home loans, which middle-class Indian will not opt for home improvement?

3. Rental Websites

If you want to move from one area to another, a decade ago, then you need to search for a rented house or apartment. Not any more. With every start-up fulfilling the needs of every task at your doorstep, you just need to fill the details in the listing websites. The executive will call, then have a conversation, and point you to the best home broker in your desired location. Or there are chances, you may get the contact number of the homeowner. You can call him and then go to check if his home suits your requirements. 

4. Lighting

It is possible to work wonders with the light. You can paint a blue color on the walls of the room. When you put on the yellow-colored lamp, it will work wonders.

5. Eco-Friendly Products

In these days, every industry has taken a firm resolve to save natural resources. Even in the home improvement industry, when it comes to renovation, civil engineers are opting for eco-friendly, strong, durable, recycled materials. 

These days, it is very easy to hire the best civil engineers, painters, electricians in your city. For example, you are in the process of renovating your Bangalore home. You need to get some electrical lines extended to the new room. What is the best way to do the task? Along with the civil engineer, you can hire the best electrician in Bangalore to do the job. This task, you can do with the help of apps of companies offering doorstep services for the customers. 

The electricians will be qualified, experienced and can do the task with ease.

6. Augmented reality

Both AR and VR gained immense popularity from video games. With augmented reality, you can buy the ideal sofa set for your living room. For example, you have gone to a brick and mortar store. This facility has an AR facility. You can put the glasses and then check if the sofas are suitable for the room. Just imagine the benefits. It is possible to create an entirely virtual environment (home) from this new technology. 

7. Play it smart

Automation has caused a furor in the home improvement industry. With smart home technology, you can schedule the air conditioner to change the temperature at the required time. And with home appliances, you can monitor and control them with your voice or via the mobile phone. 

The next part is home security. With the smart lock, you can give instructions to the door to let the guests in. It is also possible to speak with the person outside the door if you have a video spy camera.

The smart locks are the most preferred devices in today‚Äôs environment. These devices can work in tandem with the light bulbs and thermostat. Yet, buy the model that works with your mobile. It should also work in tandem with other smart appliances. 

8. Home Systems

You are a gadget freak, and interested to buy the recent smart home appliances in town. You buy a thermostat, washing machine and fridge of different brands. Now, it is a challenge to download the app of every brand to control/monitor the electronic model. Instead, you can have the Home System devices such as Alexa, Google Home which can coordinate with any brand smart home appliances. 

9. CCTV 

These days, burglaries and thefts have become common in urban cities. So, it is a common sight to see homes fitted with CCTV. If you are an urban couple who go to work, then you will have to employ a maid to take care of your toddler. The CCTV in your home can help keep a tab on her activities. You can buy a brand model from various stores and then fix by the DIY method. Assume, you are in Bangalore, and want to gain information on the best cctv products in the market. Just search in the app of the companies offering doorstep services. You can get the best CCTV technicians in Bangalore to come and do the job.

You can also use the device to keep a tab on the pets, kids and even the seniors in the family.

10. Install solar panels 

The urge to use sunlight and make use of natural resources have made many Indian homeowners opt for the solar panels. And the changes are also happening in home renovation. Instead of activating the electric bulbs, the homeowners have made changes in the walls to widen the windows and doors. Now, sunlight entering the home is a natural source of light. So, you can save some cash.

Just look at the two words – home improvement. When the term points to improvement, it is better to do home renovation as per the trend. And we are glad to say, customers have welcomed every innovation with open arms. 

11. Smart Light Bulbs

Till now, the color emitted from the electric home bulbs had only two colors. Yellow and white. With a smart home, the color can change as per your requirement. You can get dozens of colors. It is possible to change them as per the need. No, No, you do not need to change them. You just need to give a command to the smart light bulb to change the color. 

And the greatest advantage, these bulbs consume less energy. The investment is more, but it is a one-time money spent on future trending devices. 

12. Paint

There are so many eco-friendly paints you can get online or in the brick and mortar stores. Based on the colors, the rooms can reflect the perfect ambiance and atmosphere around the home. 

13. Robotics

There was a time when home cleaning was done by maids and humans. But, now robots have taken the job of humans. With Roomba model, it is possible to clean the home just by giving instructions on the mobile.


So, these are how recent trends have made an impact in the home improvement industry. Hope you gained much information on some changes you can make in your home from the article. If you have any doubts, kindly drop a comment.

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