GB Whatsapp: What can it get you? Is it cool?

There are various types of chatting platforms out there that have made life absolutely easy and exciting. You can easily chat with your friends and family members right from anywhere and anytime. Among so many different alternatives in the applications, one app that is nearly ruling every mind and heart is Whatsapp. Certainly, this is one of the most loved and popular and cherished applications.

But then there lately came an application known as GB whatsapp.  Have you ever tried out this application? For the ones who have no idea about this platform, GB Whatsapp is actually a modified version of Whatsapp application for Android devices. This application is absolutely handy for so many people who want to make more out of their whatsapp application. Whether you do GBwhatsapp download 2018 or any other version, the thrill is endless!

What do you mean by modified application?

It means that the APK file of Whatsapp has been modified by a gang of people or someone, so that it might do things that otherwise have been restricted in Whatsapp, such as:

Sharing the long videos 

It is a known fact that the platform of Whatsapp permits the users to share videos that do not exceed 16mb in size. It is actually a limitation of the application and making some modifications to this app can avoid this 16 MB restriction. So, the GB Whatsapp allows the users to set their video limit and it is maybe the most highlighted feature and aspect of this GB whatsapp. The point is if you have an exciting video of your recent holiday and you want to share it in your group on Whatsapp even when it is more than 16mb, you can do it with ease in the realm of GB whatsapp.

Conceal everything 

Yes, it simply means you can hide things like Last Seen, Read Receipts and even ‘Typing’ indicator.  Moreover, Gb Whatsapppermits you to show a specific time as ‘Last Seen’ in this way you can customise everything connected to your last seen and all as per your need.   After all, in case you don’t want your friends to find out when you were online on the app and the similar things; now you can do everything with a single move. Indeed, it is what freedom is all about!

Ease to Personalize Whatsapp

The Official Whatsapp app just permits you to change the wallpapers in chat window or maybe set customized notifications for different kinds of contacts, but the GB Whatsapp gets you personalization to the next level. It means in the domain of this modified whatsapp, you can effortlessly personalize every aspect of it right from Whatsapp icon to that of top ribbon to exciting fonts to how chats are going to look. Indeed, it is going to be like giving an interior touch up to the whatsapp home. Your pleasure of using this chatting application is going to be more convenient, heartening and exciting once you have a personal touch up in looks and overall feel of the platform.


Thus, you need to check out this application if you want more than what you get in the realm of Whatsapp! You can get this GB whatsapp application from 9apps for free.

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