Did You Know How Some Great Children Book illustrators Paved Their Professional Career?

kids book illustrations

Hey there! Yes, you the designer perhaps? Or should I call you an illustrator? Well, whichever you are, you must be seeking an expert’s advice on how to keep up in your field and make something out of it right? Well if that’s the case, you have stumbled upon exactly the right spot. And if you are a kid’s book illustrator, then voila, a lot of tips and tricks are going to be covered in this post. 

For children book illustrators out there, I have good and bad news for you. So, the good news is, the number of professionals explicitly indulged in the world of creating graphics for storybooks is fairly low than that of in other sectors of the job. However, the bad news is, you are going to get smashed with equal or more competition the other jobs. Why? Because kids books have to be simply creative and creativity has no upper limit. 

I met one of my friends last week at a bistro for dinner. She was really hungry that day so for half an hour, we just focused on food instead of talking about our professions. Later she told me that she started working for a publishing house as an illustrator trainee. The good thing was she had a solid reference, and thanks to her creative bone, she is currently making over $7000 a month. 

She made me aware of the pros and cons of an illustrator’s job, his struggles, and what does he or she expect from their future. Her firm was one of the oldest in the city and due to their good commitment, they had several good projects in the hand. She said that it may look fancy to an outer person, but the job of an illustrator is not as fancy as it appears. It takes tremendous hard work and hours of continuous dedication just to barely survive. 

She further added that today’s scenario is not like the old times. On every new day, one or another stunning technology is getting introduced and making revolutionary changes in the graphics world. Today, a designer can’t just sit with his old set of skills and still wish to get an increment every single year. 

He needs to be updated with every upcoming trend in the world of designing. On the other hand, he or she should be well-versed in a variety of art forms, a set of digital designing tools, and the trends that are ongoing in the media. Look for inspiration in every possible stuff you can. She was once sitting in a part where two kids were running behind a squirrel. She was running up and down on the trees and the kids were lost in the play. 

My personal advice for an illustrator would be to keep his ego and pride in a black box because they may get hurt at any moment. Or they could at least halt your growth and learning. So never deviate from the trail of education, improvement, and learning. Make friends with like-minded illustrators and just rock it. 

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