Career Scope and Pay Scale of Mechanical Engineering Jobs in the Philippines

There has been a good demand for Mechanical engineers in the Philippines. Mechanical engineering jobs have seen a prospective growth in the country in recent time. With industrial growth in the Philippines, there has been a growth in the infrastructural, construction, and manufacturing activities in the country. No wonder, the job market has seen a positive outlook in the Philippines, especially related to engineering jobs.

Role of mechanical engineering jobs 

Mechanical engineers are required in the country to participate in the planning and manufacturing of new products in the construction sites and other areas. The responsibilities in mechanical engineering jobs include: 

  • Developing, designing and testing mechanical devices
  • Writing technical reports, bulletins, handbooks for providing guidelines to staff or customers
  • Estimating the cost to complete construction and other projects
  • Estimating the time duration to complete projects
  • Researching on new designs 
  • Offering suggestions related to functions, appearances, safety, budget etc. 

Eligibility conditions 

To apply for mechanical engineering jobs, candidates need to be a graduate degree holder or a post graduate in mechanical engineering from a recognized institute in the Philippines. Some of the best-known mechanical engineering schools in the Philippines are Batangas State University – Batangas City, Technological University of the Philippines – Manila, University of the Visayas – Cebu City, and many more. Foreign candidates can also apply for mechanical engineering jobs in the Philippines but usually employers prefer to hire experienced foreign professionals. Plus, most companies require candidates to be a licensed engineer, that is, to have a valid PRC license before applying for mechanical engineering jobs. Candidates should qualify the licensure examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission, PRC.

Some additional requirements

The competition is quite high in the Philippines for mechanical engineering jobs as there are a good number of qualified engineers, both locals and foreigners. So, companies look for candidates with additional skills like as knowledge on AutoCAD, and other software or technology, programming, coding. Candidates with technical problem-solving and communication skills, project management, teamwork, adapting to standard engineering protocols and procedures have additional advantages to do well in this career.

Popular Skills in Mechanical Engineering Jobs in the Philippines 

Top sectors offering mechanical engineering jobs in the Philippines

Some of the prominent sectors in which there is a continuous demand for mechanical engineering jobs include Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estates, Automobile, Transport, Wholesale and Retail Trade etc. 

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Average Pay Scale of Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines

Some notable facts of mechanical engineering jobs in terms of salaries are as follows:

At entry level positions or with less than 1 year experience, a mechanical engineer can earn an average total compensation of PHP 222,780 per annum. This also includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay.

A Mechanical Engineer at mid-career level with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of PHP 355,609 per annum. 

A senior professional with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total package of PHP 475,000 per annum

Mechanical engineers with 20 plus years of experience get a package of PHP 632,000 per annum. 

The per month salaries of Mechanical Engineers in Philippines range between PHP 20,374 (minimum salary) to PHP 76,526 (maximum salary).

It has also been reported that the salary is the highest for engineers with post-graduate degree, followed by degree holders and then comes the certificate holders. 

Public sector Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines earn 34% more than their private sector counterparts.

It has been reported that with the demand for mechanical engineering jobs in the Philippines, there is a rise on the salaries as well in the year 2019. As per an official report, salaries of mechanical engineers in 2019 are 4% higher than those of 2018. However, these salary numbers are an average depiction, though the actual numbers differ from industry to industry slightly. Also, your salary depends to a large extent on your performance, experience and your behavior too. Nevertheless, there is a good scope of career growth in mechanical engineering jobs in the Philippines.

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