Valentine’s Day is coming soon and couples are all geared up for the day. From planning out the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet to shopping for the sexiest outfits, everyone is busy prepping up for the Valentine’s. It is that time of the year when couples don’t shy away from conveying their heartfelt emotions and painting the town red. Love gets literally seeped into the air and romance is all around. If you are one of those who don’t really like all the jazz regarding the day, it would still be a fun holiday for going out and partying with your friends/partners. 

If selecting outfits is a nightmare for you, we feel you, girl. It’s easy to dress up for Valentine’s Day- just pick up anything in red or in hearts and play it safe. If you love experimenting and are a fashion enthusiast, we have some subtle outfit ideas for all those who don’t really want to go for the hearts-and-flowers vibe. These no-fuss looks are very ideal for daytime wear, chic ensemble and are very approachable. You can even pair up your outfit with fresh Valentine’s Day roses and give them to your beau or friends. Be it a fun outing with friends or a cosy date night with your boyfriend, just follow these styling tips and you are surely going to make heads turn:

  • Style Tip #1
    If you love playing with colours, combining vibrant shades with subtle hues makes for a cool outfit. You can sport a lavender-coloured jacket with hot pink trousers for a bold colour combo. Black with orange, pastels with bright red, and colour play of light shades of blue with dark ones are also some cool alternatives.

  • Style Tip #2
    If you are not much into dresses, opting for silk overalls can be a fabulous idea. You just need to carry it well. People are going gaga over matching sets and coordinates. So, pick a satin silk set and you would be ready to slay the day. Accessorize it with a statement necklace or huge earrings.

  • Style Tip #3
    Vintage ensembles are all the rage these days. For Valentine’s Day you can go for any ’80s-inspired outfit and team it up with black tights. Velour dresses with puffed sleeves look really classy and trendy. It would be a cherry on top if you could get your hands on a rustic, vintage-looking purse to go with your outfit.

  • Style Tip #4
    Give a macho touch to your feminine look by pairing your frock with mansy trousers or tights. Complete the ensemble with chunky sneakers and your super cool contrast is ready. This is perfect for women who love dressing up bossy and let everyone know that girls run the world.

  • Style Tip #5
    If you want to stick to the basics and wear red, puff-sleeved mini dresses would be a good choice. Don’t go overboard with accessories and jewelry. Keep it simple and wear black kitten heels to go with it.

  • Style Tip #6
    All those ladies going for vibrant yellows or hot pink suits, wear a dark coloured T-shirt for turning it down a notch. If you are in a long distant relationship, you can even buy flowers online & send flowers to delhi for your partner, send it to them and when they get delivered, get all dressed up and video call them. It would be a great way of celebrating the day together even if you are geographically distant.

  • Style Tip #7
    If you have a laid back style statement and like to dress it down, you can wear a cute little dress and your classic distressed jeans underneath for donning that cool vibe. Wear bold lipstick to give a nice kick to your look and you are good to go.

  • Style Tip #8
    If you are all set for a festive date night, you need to dress up chic for the occasion. One of the most loved and timeless combinations are of a simple tank top with a sequined pencil skirt. Top it up with a basic coat and you are good to go.

  • Style Tip #9
    A simple and easy outfit idea for Valentine’s Day is going for basic pants and scoop-necked tank top. For adding that romantic touch, dress it up with a nice pink coat. Don’t forget to pick up fresh flowers for your partner while going out for the date.

  • Style Tip #10
    Looking for something very flirtatious? Valentine’s Day is the time to bring out the seductive side of yours and to take the route, pair your bias-cut skirt with a sexy corset and you are sure to make headlines.

  • Style Tip #11
    As you already know, hot pink seems like the colour of this year and people can just not get enough of the shade. If you are going for a non-cheesy look like Valentine’s, pair your plaid pants with a well-fitted hot-pink top. Accessorize it with crystal, glass or pearly earrings to add more elegance to the look.

  • Style Tip #12
    Looking for some unique Valentine’s outfit ideas? Why not try something totally different and sport a prairie-girl inspired look? All you need to do is wear a cherry-coloured top and pair it up with that sexy faux leather miniskirt. Kitschy, chic jewelry would go very well with the outfit.

These were some thoughtful styling tips that would save your day on the Valentine’s. Make sure to make the most of the day as no matter what your relationship status is, love deserves to be celebrated. If you are single, wear your sexiest outfit and seize the day by partying hard or doing what you love to do. Long distant couples don’t have to fret. Dress up your best, send flowers to India or whatever region your partner is in, call each other up or send pictures. When it comes to love, don’t let distance be a barrier.