Advantages and Disadvantages of the Online Examination System


Technology has extended itself towards every sector that exists. This also includes the education sector. Apart from influencing the learning process, it has also incorporated many new changes in how the teachers are conducting the exams and how the students are giving these exams. However, like every advancement, this also has its two sides. This innovation has numerous advantages along with the disadvantages. Here a few, advantages and disadvantages of this innovation:

Advantages of the Online Examination System


The first and foremost advantage of online examination system is security. There is no compromise on the data security and everything remains where it should. It is impossible for anyone to have access to the question paper other than the management and students have no chance of leaking it. Every educational institute is now adopting this technology because of its advanced security feature. The question bank or the paper is locked in the security system and it will only be accessible at the time of the examination. 


This technology advancement has made it possible for teachers to conduct exams anywhere and anytime and has made it easier for students to give these exams anywhere anytime as well. It also provides relevant feedback and analysis that a person can check at any time and bring changes to their performance.  Moreover, one of its key features is that it can be spread over a larger region, can ultimately serve a larger audience and has the potential to bring more such features.


People generally have this perception that technological advancements are relatively more expensive than PAPER. However, it is the complete opposite of it. Nowadays books are more expensive; hence, conducting online examination means to save money and time. There is no need or paper or pen, each time when you are giving the test. The computer is also able to check the test by itself and saves a lot of costs. 


Greater improvements and progress has been seen after the implementation of this innovation. This innovation has enabled the students and the teachers to check reports in one single click and determine where they are doing well and where they are lacking. According to essay writing service UK, all this system is embedded in a single software with proper order. 

Less time consuming

Finally but most importantly, online examinations consumes less time. It reduces the wastage of time by providing us with the opportunity of giving the exam anywhere anytime and according to the ease of the student.

Disadvantages of the online examination system

Less physical interaction

Due to many new changes because of technology, now every single individual is obsessed with the idea of it. You can see many people socializing more on social media but less face-to-face. If the education institutes start to conduct the online examinations online, this will only result in less productive output. 


Mostly tests that are conducted are based on objective questions where you have to choose the correct answer in a group of all the answers. Cheating can be done easily by students due to objective questions. In addition to cheating, when a teacher gives subjective questions, it gets difficult for them to check it through various software has and generate the statistic of answers.

Connectivity issues

Connectivity can be a serious issue that can arise when we talk about conducting online examinations. For example, if a student is giving the exams and all of a sudden, the internet stops working, the student can lose all the data and this consequently interrupts the test.

Absence of a proctor

Although the accessibility of this innovation is one of its advantages, it can also be a disadvantage. Since students are allowed to take the test anytime anywhere with their own convenience, this also means that they can take it at home with no one to monitor them. Students can interact with each other and ask answers from each other which will result in cheating. To avoid this the teacher has to design a long list of questions so that each student gets a different set of questions. 


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the tests that are conducted online. The advantages include the accessibility, convenience, less time consumption, paperless and more effective. The disadvantages include fear of cheating, absence of the proctor, less physical attraction, connectivity. However, the advantages are greater than the disadvantages and that is what makes this technology great. 

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