4 Things to Know Before You Hire a Skip

hire a skip

A Skip is a huge container which collects the trash from your place which cannot be fitted into regular dustbins and can be loaded on to special trucks and Lorries which facilitates its disposal. Sometimes it is better to hire a skip and dispose of the waste as the method is cumbersome or may require a lot of effort on your part. When you hire a company to do this work for you, it is simply known as the skip hiring process. There might be tons of reasons to hire a skip like gardening work, remodeling of your house or any project you undertake which generates a lot of waste. To avoid hassles of such waste removal, skip hire is the best way to go about. Now there are few things which you should know before hiring a skip.

1. Type of Waste – First things first, you should be clear about the kind of waste which will be generated so that you can choose a skip accordingly. There are different types of bins which accommodate different types of wastes. Garden wastes or construction wastes have a different composition which needs different types of facilities for its disposal. There are certain items which even the skip hire company refuses to accept. In such cases, it is useless to hire a skip only to later realize that it was a waste. For example, if the waste is household stuff and some other general stuff, then it is better to hire a junk skip rather than a garden skip. Thus, knowing the kind of waste you will be using the skip for and informing the company of your intentions is always a good way to go. Generally, the skip bins are different for solid wastes and for liquid wastes. Again, in liquid wastes, the type of bin differs in case of chemical waste.

2. The Size of the Skips – There are a few sizes to look out for while hiring a skip. You might need the smallest skip for disposing of your waste, but you order a large size, that will simply result in you paying extra for something you did not need. On the contrary, if the garbage does not fit in the small skip, you will have to order another small skip to fit the remaining garbage. Thus, knowing the correct size of garbage you need is very important in the process of skip hire.

3. The Location of the Skip – After you have ordered a skip, you need to know where exactly you want to place it. Place it near the spot where maximum trash will be generated. This will allow you to easily dispose of the waste with many conveniences. If you plan on clearing the home, place the skip at the largest point which is the garage as it will allow you easy movement and quite a lot of space. While you hire, it is also important to know how and where the garbage will be disposed of and will it in any, way, pollute the environment.

4. The Duration – You need to know the duration of using a skip hire service. Usually, companies hire it for 6 to 7 days but if you need it for more days, it is better to inform the company of your decision and enquire the charges it will amount to as additional charges might be applied.

Thus, these were the top four things a person should be aware of before using a skip hire service. Companies offer a different kind of services for different needs and knowing everything about it before hiring a company should always be important to the consumers. 

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